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    Our projects begin with a comprehensive one-off consultation session dedicated to understanding your project goals and aspirations. 

    During a 2 hour consultation, we focus on addressing your key priorities.

    Following the consultation, you will receive a written report offering our recommendations. This report serves as a roadmap, providing you with valuable insights and direction to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

    Our Interior Design Service


    Our clients consistently express that our initial 2 hour consultation is invaluable; providing them with an increased sense of direction, confidence and assurance. 

    We are able to:

    • Assist in the selection of materials, finishes, and furnishings to achieve your desired aesthetic and functionality.
    • Create visual concept boards.
    • Connect you with highly recommended trades.
    • Offer an Interior and Exterior Colour Consultancy service.
    • Style your home including hanging artwork.
    • Provide window furnishing solutions.
    • Offer on-site visits to address any design challenges and provide real-time solutions.
    • Create and implement a design plan, coordinating with contractors and suppliers.
    • Place furniture orders, offering you our trade pricing.
    • Administrate your deliveries. 

    Explore the menu below to discover the reasons why clients choose Boutique Yellow, along with the feedback we’ve received. 

    At Boutique Yellow, we are dedicated to providing personalised service that meets the unique requirements of each client, ensuring a successful and enjoyable design experience.

    At Boutique Yellow we are passionate and about the impact colour or even a well-chosen neutral, can have on your environment. We offer a comprehensive colour consultancy service, aimed at empowering you with confidence when navigating your colour choices.

    “Our consultant made me feel calm, confident and creative as she expertly steered us through the multitude of colour options available and empowered us to make the right choices for our home.“

    Alex – Princess Hill

    At Boutique Yellow, we collaborate with you to pinpoint the specific needs of your room, entire home, or renovation project. Our expertise extends to selecting paint colours, window treatments, flooring options, kitchen and bathroom finishes, furniture, artwork, and decorative items.

    Additionally, we can provide guidance on connecting with trade professionals who can assist in bringing your project to fruition. This comprehensive service ensures that you achieve designer-quality results while maintaining the flexibility to progress at your own pace and within your budget.

    “I had so many ideas of how I wanted to decorate our new home, it was overwhelming! It was great to have a consultant from Boutique Yellow look through all the pictures I had collected and find the commonality in them and recommend paint colours, carpets and finishes based on this. The Concept she presented to me with all her suggestions and paint swatches has been invaluable; I carry it with me when looking for furniture and other items for the house so I can always reference back to the colours I have on the walls at home. I highly recommend Boutique Yellow.”

    Christy – Narrewarren North


    “The Design Concept you gave me is SO amazingly helpful. It was great to go into the shops today with it and show the sales staff the look we are creating and the options you have suggested…the guy helping us loved it!”


    “I just wanted to say that Marcus and I were both really impressed with your Design Concept. What you have provided has given me the bigger picture. For someone who doesn’t think in pictures that is extremely helpful. I could go on and on about how impressed I am and thankful. Oh and I even like the way you suggest, what to start with so that I can do things gradually and check in with the direction we are going. So VERY VERY practical.”

    Louisa – Richmond

    Perhaps you find yourself uncertain about your preferences or desires for your project. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the multitude of styles available and have experienced disappointment with past purchases. These challenges can make a project daunting, frustrating and costly

    Boutique Yellow, will guide you through our consultation process. We’ll work together to identify and highlight key factors in your decision-making, enabling you to make informed choices that not only look great but also provide long-lasting enjoyment.

    Moreover, we’re committed to equipping you with techniques that will help you explore your own creativity in ways you never thought possible!

    Boutique Yellow recognises that each client is unique and our goal is to help you discover the best direction to successfully move forward with your project.

    “Boutique Yellow has been wonderful in helping me find my style. You listened to what I wanted and understood immediately what I liked in terms of colour and furniture etc. I felt confident to let you guide me in the beginning but you have also empowered me to continue on. The Lounge Room is my favourite room in the house and you helped me style that; I think this room captures my taste really well. Thank you”

    Nikki – Box Hill South

    Boutique Yellow offers assistance in sourcing furniture and decor items tailored to your budget and decorating project. Clients enjoy the added advantage of our trade discounts on purchases; helping to reduce the overall costs of your project while gaining access to our expertise and quality suppliers.

    “Amazing, Professional, Personal, Creative, Clever, Goes beyond what you would expect, Efficient… These are just a few words I can use to sum up our experience with our Boutique Yellow consultant.

    As we were on a strict budget we were thinking to do the design ourselves. Thank goodness we didn’t as she worked in our budget and listened to what we were trying to create. Plus she gave us recommendations of where to get our furniture and accessories from which ended up saving us money… We love her work and would definitely recommend her to all our friends and family.”

    Lili – Laverton

    Whether you’re focusing on a single room or your entire house, Boutique Yellow can assist you in maximising the potential of your existing belongings while offering clear direction on any new items you’re considering. 

    Furthermore, as your project progresses, we’re here to provide gentle guidance and encouragement to keep you on track. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll happily offer support and motivation to see your project through to completion.

    “Our Boutique Yellow consultant was able to look at our existing furniture, paintings and decor and come up with a comprehensive Design Concept for our whole house. She provided colours for each room, flooring recommendations, suggested window dressings as well as highlighting our own decor that would go with each room. This helped us immensely when we were doing colour selections with our builders. We chose the colours that our Boutique Yellow consultant recommended to us. Our consultant also gave us contacts of where we could get floor coverings, window treatments, wallpaper, light fittings and the additional pieces of furniture we required. Not only were we recommended Boutique Yellow by a friend of ours, we have since recommended them to other people we know. We are extremely happy with their work.”

    Priscilla & Segran – Mooroolbark

    You might be a fellow creative enthusiast with a passion for colour and design. However you may find yourself in need of an objective eye and a fresh burst of inspiration. Boutique Yellow can offer you the expert guidance and creative insights you need to add those finishing touches and help you bring your project to completion. 

    “After helping me to discover my own personal style, Boutique Yellow worked to help me apply this look to my home in a way that was practical, cost-effective and above all, truly beautiful!” Julia – Heathmont

    While it may seem unconventional for Interior Designers to offer Personal Colour Analysis, this service is a huge confidence booster, utilising one of the key elements of design; colour! 

    Our colour analysis system will help you to create a wardrobe full of colours and clothing that look fantastic on you. You will leave this consultation with the tools to look and feel great, enjoy shopping more, and save both time and expense.

    Each client receives a unique colour palette, containing up to 40 colours selected just for you.

    The process begins with an initial analysis conducted in our studio, lasting approximately 45 minutes.

    This initial session is followed by a second 2 hour consultation. During this second presentation, you will receive your own colour palette which has been customised to compliment your own colourings.  

    We discuss specific wardrobing tips, teach you how to use ‘Best Basics’ and Neutral’s. And we give you specifics on the best colours for your shoes, jewellery ……and loads more!

    The great thing about colour analysis is that it is not just a ‘one hit wonder’ but something that will benefit you for years;

    • Empowering and building confidence in your unique colourings and choices
    • Preventing frustrating and costly wardrobe mistakes
    • Providing wardrobe tips and techniques that immediately influence your choices
    • and most importantly… it’s really fun!


    “I’m really having fun and feel more confident. Thank you.”


    “I used to pick black and black, sometimes grey!! Now I receive regular comments on how the colours I wear really suit me. I’m more confident when I go shopping and I love bringing out my colour swatch and talking about it. Shopping used to be a nightmare!! Now I really enjoy it.”

    When it comes to styling a property for sale, Boutique Yellow offers a distinctive perspective gained over years of experience in Interior Design. Our goal is to present each home in a way that resonates with buyers’ dreams, which is why we meticulously select every piece of furniture and decor to suit the unique character of the property.

    We collaborate with trusted suppliers to provide a vast range of designer furniture, rugs, artwork, bed linen, and decor. Each item is handpicked to enhance the appeal of the home, with no preselected packages. 

    Alternatively, we can incorporate your existing furnishings, suggesting ‘key pieces’ that can be taken with you to your new property.

    In addition, Boutique Yellow works in close partnership with Thrive Property Advocates, an optional service that revolutionises the selling process. Through seamless communication and expert guidance, Thrive Property Advocates alleviate significant pressure and consistently achieve outstanding results for vendors. 

    “We want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your outstanding styling of our home for its sale. We were thrilled with the look and feel you created, and had lots of positive feedback about how beautiful the interior looked.”

    Kate – Mont Albert North.

    Boutique Yellow is passionate about inspiring and facilitating transformative experiences  using design. That’s why we’ve crafted interactive workshops perfect for women’s groups and events.

    Our workshops cover a range of practical topics including:

    • How to wear colours that suit you
    • Interior Design techniques for your home.


    Contact our team to explore our current workshops, which can be customised to suit the theme and needs of your MOPS group, bridal shower or special event. Let us help make your occasion truly memorable!

    “How can I thank you? I am someone who just keeps purchasing the “latest fashion/trend” without thinking of the overall effect in my home. Your workshop taught me that I can continue to enjoy fashion whilst making wise choices to ensure my home not only looks great, it is enjoyable to live in and ultimately suits who I am!”


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