Discovering Your Style

Maybe you aren’t sure what you like or even want when it comes to your project? Maybe you are confused by lots of different styles and have even felt disappointed with past shopping purchases? This can make pulling together a project difficult, frustrating and expensive. Boutique Yellow will work with you through our consultation process to identify and highlight key trends in your choice making; helping you make good choices that will not only look great but will continue to benefit you over a longer period of time. In addition, we aim to teach you top decorating techniques that will unlock an area of creativity that you didn’t even know you had! Boutique Yellow believes that each client is unique and we want to help you identify the best direction for you to successfully move forward in your project.


“Boutique Yellow has been wonderful in helping me find my style. You listened to what I wanted and understood immediately what I liked in terms of colour and furniture etc. I felt confident to let you guide me in the beginning but you have also empowered me to continue on. The Lounge Room is my favorite room in the house and you helped me style that; I think this room captures my taste really well. Thank you” Nikki – Box Hill South


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