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A CONSULTATION is a great way to start defining and implementing the vision for your project.  Boutique Yellow can help you navigate through this creative process. The following are some of the reasons that our clients hire us and then recommend us to their friends!

The Process

A face-to-face consultation

A majority of our project work is based around an initial face-to-face consultation. It is during this time that your Boutique Yellow consultant will work with you to get a feel for what you are wanting to achieve. We will start to provide you the benefits of our professional design expertise and will work hard to get your project well underway. If the job is smaller in scale, we may even complete the work you hired us to do! At this time we can discuss any ongoing needs you may have for your project. The whole process start to finish looks like this……


An Online Consultation

An online consultation is perfect for smaller decorating projects outside of Melbourne such as a single room make-over. Simply contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your project and guide you through the steps to decorating success! Breaking it down, this is the process:


The Investment

Using a designer is a wise financial decision because it enables you to avoid costly mistakes. Instead, you benefit from the wisdom and experience provided by your design consultant, complete your project efficiently and enjoy the confidence of knowing your results are going to be great!

Our initial face-to-face consultation in your home or at your project site is a fixed price for up to 2 hours of consultation time. After that, our project costs vary based on the scope of the project. You might want help with simply choosing cushions or a paint color, one particular room or the entire house! To ensure you feel confident in the process and happy to move forward with Boutique Yellow, we will provide you with the estimated costs of your project before you even get started.

Get started now using this contact form. We look forward to hearing all about your exciting project.