Courageous Couple

May 22, 2015
Boutique Yellow has been looking forward to sharing this wonderful story of one of our all-time favourites. The reason it is so special to us is because of the characteristics of the owners who purchased this gem. Genuinely the most lovely couple, Grace & Mark showed incredible courage in making this purchase; believing in it’s potential as a suitable living space for their young family.  You will understand what we mean when you see the before photos below.
With hopes that this home could be utterly transformed, Grace and Mark placed a huge amount of trust in their designers and tradesmen, allowing us freedom to do what we love to do. In this house, we had the opportunity to imagine the seemingly impossible, and create something beautiful.
This is now a tranquil home. It is light filled, spacious, functional, warm and inviting with beautiful designer features throughout.
Boutique Yellow loves the kitchen space with flowing island/dining.  This feature makes great use of the room proportions and is wonderfully functional for this young family. Instead of a kitchen splash back, a window was used to boost warm northern light. This entire room has transitioned from a dark cave into a light filled living space with gorgeous exterior decking integrating the original wood fire oven and a new raised veggie patch. The sunken Living Room haS been given a complete make-over and a new fireplace. Original brick walled bedrooms have been plastered, painted and refreshed. Bathrooms are in the process of being updated and an upstairs bedroom has been transformed into an open work space/rumpus for the entire family to enjoy.
This is the result of months of gutsy decisions, extraordinary courage and lots of trust in her design team as Grace managed this project with a gentle and yet firm sense of what she hoped to achieve. Seeing these photos fills us with a real sense of excitement about the opportunities that present themselves. What a joy it is to do what we love to do and experience such transformational results.
NG Kitchen